Silberra S25

Silberra S25 B&W Limited Edition Film

# SILS25135

Silberra S25 is limited edition black&white photographic film. Extra fine grain, moderate contrast and high resolution of the image are the main typical qualities of S25 film. Initial batch of S25 consists of 400 rolls and, possibly, the overall quantity of the batch will be extended up to 800 rolls.

Silberra S25 perfectly suits architectural and landscape photography; due to its great photographic latitude S25 film shall perform nicely at bright scenes also preserving impressive level of detalisation through shadows without significant loss in highlights.

Silberra S25 has high sensibilization level which makes it possible to use S25 for IR-photography with corresponding IR-filter (we recommend to use filters at wavelength shorter than 725nm for optimal result).

Development times for Silberra S25 film

Temperature, ° C Time, minutes
Silberra S-76 1+1 20 6:30
Silberra S-76 stock 20 4:30
Kodak XTOL stock 20 4:30
Silberra Aphenol stock 20 4:30
Rodinal 1+100 20 6:00
R09 1+100 20 5:30
Silberra RDN-LQ 1+100 20 6:00
Kodak HC-110 dil. F 20 10:00
Kodak D-76 stock 20 4:30
Ilford Perceptol Stock 20 8:00