Silberra - Film Photography Supplies

Silberra is the trademark which has incorporated more than 10 years of its founders' experience in development and distribution of film photography supplies.

Team of Silberra consists of photographers only. Some of us are professionals, some are amateurs, but we share the same world: world of photography. We honor photography as art, profession, hobby and lifetime passion. Every member of our team is real disciple of analog photography, with his own experience and preferences.

Each of us feels the film as almost the only instrument which allows to freeze the instance of time. That's real magic to have an option to capture life in still picture, once and forever. And that was that magic of film that gathered us here to start manufacturing developers, fixers, toners, films and photo papers for every film photographer in the world to have as many instruments as possible. The more instruments we have to create really great analog photos - the more magic of film comes into our world. And we really love to live in magical world.

We'd like to give credit to those kind and noble persons who took care to donate some money to our campaign at Indiegogo platform without any obligations, supporting our business and our cause. We appreciate your support! Here is the list of the backers who ordered Enthusiast's Perk and brought us closer to our goal (we'll form separate full list of the backers later on, at special page of our web-site):

Eye Level Images Studio
Denis Logunov
Бычков Сергей Вениаминович
Max Stevens
Milhalkin Mikhail
Aliwton Carvalho
Horace Trovato
Darkroom Troll
Petr Borovec
Pavel Kim


Silberra on-line store is open.

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